Summer autumn cucumber spray ethephon results

1, spray time. When cucumbers grew 1-2 true leaves, the flower buds of leaves from leaves 2-11 were gradually differentiated, but the sex was not yet determined. During this period, the sputum spawning effect was best. By the time more than four true leaf stages have been established, the sex of the flower buds has already been established, and the use of the B-score is basically ineffective. The suitable period for spraying cucumber saponin in summer and autumn is 2-3 true leaves, and the spraying frequency is generally 1-3 times, and the interval is 7-10 days.
2, spray concentration. The appropriate concentration of 0.01%-0.02% dilution of the cucumber sex with ethephon should be determined according to the number of treatments. Generally, it is appropriate to use 0.02% dilution twice for spraying, and 0.01% dilution for 3 times spraying.
3, spray method. After 4 o'clock on a sunny day, the sprayed liquid was evenly sprayed on the leaves and growing points of the whole plant to make the droplets fine. Take care that 10% of the plants are left untreated to produce male flowers that provide pollen for female flowers in the field.
4, fertilizer and water management. After the cucumber is sprayed with ethylene diosgenin at the seedling stage, the number of female flowers increases and the internode shortens. Within the 20th section of the plant, females are born with several knots. However, if the young cucumbers are to sit and grow normally, the management must be strengthened. Ensuring adequate supply of fertilizer and water is promoted to the end. In the late growth stage, spray 3-5 times with 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 3000-4000 times 802 mixture solution to ensure the vigorous growth of vegetative and reproductive growth and prevent premature aging.

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