Turbot Health Farming Technique Guide No.2

5) Other daily operations and precautions: In order to prevent the occurrence of high-temperature disease, cooling measures should be taken. Seawater disinfection can be strengthened, flow can be increased, feeds can be appropriately reduced, and dietary nutrition and vitamin levels can be increased. Special tools must be strictly disinfected before and after use. Staff members are sterilized in and out of the workshop. After the daily work is over, the outer wall and the walkway of the workshop are to be disinfected. During the day, visit the workshop frequently to check the gas, water, temperature, and fry for any abnormalities. In time, remove the fish with dark body color, abnormal activity, and bleeding and ulcer symptoms. Special staff should be on duty at night to inspect the fishing ponds and equipment. Each evening, summarize the work situation on the day and list the work content for the next day. Measured once a month for growth, statistics of feeding amount and survival rate, conversion of feed conversion rate, a comprehensive analysis of the results.
(7) Disease Prevention and Drug Use
1. Observe the test. Observe the feeding, swimming, growth and development of farmed fish regularly, find sick fish and dead fish in time, remove sick fish and dead fish for anatomical analysis, and observe with microscope. Analyze the causes and record them. The diseased fish and dead fish are buried.
2. Prevention principle.
The principle of prevention should be adhered to, and comprehensive measures such as light control, temperature adjustment, water quality treatment, use of safe disinfectants, and increased water flow should be adopted for prevention and control.
3. Drug use.
The use of the drugs listed in Bulletin No. 193 of the Ministry of Agriculture is strictly prohibited throughout the breeding process. See Table 5 for details.
The banned drugs of pollution-free foods are shown in Table 6.
(viii) Growth and survival rate of cultured turbot: The growth rate of turbot and the effect of breeding and seed quality, breeding water temperature, stocking density, water exchange rate, feeding methods, feed used, and feeding methods are closely related. Nothing can be ignored. At water temperatures below 7°C or above 22°C, growth of turbot slows or does not grow. In the water temperature range of 10 °C ~ 22 °C, with the increase of water temperature, the growth rate. Under the same conditions of other conditions, the greater the stocking density, the slower the growth; the higher the water exchange rate, the faster the growth rate; the nutritional balance of the feed, the conversion rate is high, which is conducive to growth; the suitable temperature period is long and the relative growth is fast. Under good husbandry conditions, the body length of Turbot was slow to grow until it reached 100 grams, but the daily weight gain rate was faster. After the body weight reached 100 grams, the growth rate of body weight increased significantly. The average daily weight gain rate of turbot in aquaculture within two years was 4.82 g/day, and the maximum daily growth rate was 18 g/day. The average daily growth rate in the first year was about 2.23 g/day, and the daily average growth rate in the second year. Up to 6.84 g/day. Taking the breeding of a fish breeding and testing ground in Penglai City, Shandong Province in 1997 as an example, the average weight of turbot for aquaculture for 250 days is about 500 g; it is cultured for 390 days, and the body weight is about 1000 g; aquaculture takes 520 days and the body weight reaches 2000 About grams; cultured for 600 days, weighing 2,500 grams. The growth rate of the turbot during the same period is also very different. The largest individual of the 613-day adult can reach 4300 grams, while the smallest individual is only 550 grams. In 1998, the seedlings were introduced and cultured for 247 days. The average body weight was 693 grams. The largest individual was 820 grams, and the smallest individual was 300 grams. It can be seen that the weight gain of turbot cultured in the first year can reach about 1000 grams. The growth rate of the second year and the third year is obviously accelerated, and the weight growth can exceed 1000 g/year. This also shows that selecting the best seedlings, optimizing the farming conditions, using high-quality feed, and preventing the occurrence of diseases are very important for raising the turbot and improving the breeding efficiency and efficiency.

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