Why cherry tomato white spot

Recently, many vegetable farmers have reflected white lesions on cherry tomatoes at the present stage, which seriously affected the growth of cherry tomatoes and the commercial nature of the fruits. The investigation by the experts suspected that the disease is a physiological calcium deficiency of cherry tomatoes, which needs to be further confirmed.

First, the symptoms of symptoms cherry tomatoes green, red fruit can be susceptible to disease, in both sides of the fruit symmetrically appear white spots without coloring, lesions without pulp, only a layer of white peel.

Second, the reasons for the analysis First, cherry tomatoes in the late growth of water, nutrient supply uneven or unstable, especially when the drought, the water supply is erratic, the leaf transpiration consume a lot of water, compete with the fruits of water, pulp moisture was taken away by the leaves, As a result, the growth of pulp is blocked. Second, cherry tomatoes can not absorb enough calcium and boron from the soil, so that the internal plant nutrients imbalance, the pulp cell physiological disorders, loss of water control, resulting in obstruction of pulp growth.

Third, prevention and control methods (a) timely and adequate watering, especially in the cherry tomatoes in the late part of the result should pay attention to the balanced supply of water, watering should be carried out in the morning 9 to 12 o'clock. (b) selection of disease-resistant varieties. (C) Shade nets can be properly covered when sunlight is strong at noon. (d) promote the application of organic active fertilizer, or bio-organic compound fertilizer, using formula fertilization. (E) leaf calcium supplement, you can spray 200 to 300 times the amino acid solution plus love more. The calcium fertilizer should be continuously added, and the umbilical rot (Umbilical Cortina) should be sprayed at the same time, every 15 days, for a total of 3 injections.

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