Technical storage for idle agricultural machinery

1Technical maintenance and storage of tractor

Before long-term parking of the tractor, the tractor should be fully lubricated and maintained. During maintenance, the moving parts should be taken in a cranked or short-term manner so that the moving parts can be regularly maintained. Winter parking should pay special attention to insulation and frost protection. Put the cooling water in the engine block and radiator, it is best to use high-quality antifreeze to reduce the corrosion of the cylinder block and radiator.

During the parking period, dust and moisture in the air easily invade into the interior of the machine, causing the parts and components to be contaminated and rusted. Under the direct sunlight, due to the strong effect of ultraviolet rays, rubber parts can easily deteriorate and deteriorate. Therefore, the tractor should be stored in the warehouse after storage, and the intake and exhaust pipes should be closed. For a single-cylinder diesel engine, the piston should be in the compression top dead center position, and the intake and exhaust valves should be used to close the cylinder. In addition, important parts can be covered or protected and removed for special storage.

During parking, if the tractor tire is loaded on a certain fixed position for a long time, the carcass can easily cause damage due to local excessive deflection. Therefore, the tire inflation pressure should be appropriately increased, and the tire contact area should be periodically changed. It is better to hold the tractor frame off the ground to prevent the tire from bearing the airframe load.

The storage battery should be removed from the vehicle for special storage. Before storage, the specific gravity of the electrolyte and the height of the liquid surface should be adjusted according to regulations, and the battery should be fully charged. Check the electricity situation every 10 days during storage, supplement the charge timely, and conduct a full charge and discharge treatment once a month, so that the battery is always kept in a fully charged state, and the surface of the battery must be kept clean and dry. In winter, attention should be paid to the battery insulation and antifreeze. .

2 Technical maintenance and storage of farm machinery

(1) In order to prevent corrosion of metal parts, it is necessary to clean the dust after use. After maintenance, it is better to place the agricultural implements in a shed and park them on a dry tile floor. According to information, the machine tool is parked on a dry tile floor, and its corrosion rate can be reduced by about half than that on the mud. The movement parts of the agricultural machinery and tools should be fully lubricated and rotated regularly to prevent rust from dying. For the surface of working parts of agricultural implements, it must be painted or coated with anti-rust oil to prevent corrosion.

(2) In order to prevent wood and cotton fiber products from decaying and deforming, waterproofing should be strictly intruded. It is advisable to remove the canvas and like products, clean and dry them, and store them in a dry and ventilated place. After the wooden parts are painted, they are put into the storage room. Longer wooden parts must be laid flat to prevent deformation.

(3) In order to slow down the aging of the rubber parts, it should be prevented from sun exposure, radiation, and be covered. If possible, it is better to apply a layer of paraffin oil to minimize the contact between sunlight and air.

(4) In order to prevent the deformation of the parts, the stress state of the parts should be removed as far as possible, and the deformation should be minimized so that its working performance is not affected. For example: relax springs, support racks, etc.

(5) In order to prevent the loss and destruction of parts and components, a responsibility system for guards and custodians should be established to strengthen guards and fire prevention measures.

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